Epic Lunch

Yesterday I had an epic lunch with Taylor.  We decided on going to KFC to cash in on some coupons.  

In order to get these coupons one had to go online and install coupon software.  This software would help the company keep tabs on the number of coupons printed and change the bar code on each coupon accordingly (or change some unique number on it).  Yeah, I wasn’t going to install software on my computer so I went online and found a pdf of the coupon, printed it out, and used it.  I tested the coupon out last week and the restaurant was packed.  Must’ve been 50 people in there, with the parking lot and the drive through absolutely full.

1:30pm.  With some trepidation, Taylor and I went there with some of these coupons and found the restaurant almost empty when we got there.  The cashier recognized the coupons immediately and told us that we would have to fill out a form for a raincheck.  Ok, so we filled out a form that will give us a coupon at a later date.  And we didn’t quite feel like buying a meal there after being shunned.

2:00pm.  I remembered that Taylor owed me a meal from more than a year ago, so I cashed in on that instead.  He promised to pay for a chicken and waffles meal at Gladys Knight’s (and Ron Winan’s) Chicken and Waffles.  We drove there and finally parked on a side street.  when we finally got inside we found it was a one and a half hour wait.  Thumbs down.

2:15pm.  We drove across town again because I recalled that Lillian works at Chow Baby.  On the way I called her telling her how we were coming to eat.  The following text message conversation ensued.

Lillian: Don’t work there on the weekends

Lee: It was closed! Curses!

Lillian: Ya. They only open for dinner on weekends

Lee: I’m going to send you a grievance [sic] for not informing us about it being closed!

Lillian: Whateva

2:30pm.  Taylor had the excellent idea of going to Wal-Mart and getting massive chicken wings.  We were starving and it sounded like the best idea in the world.  I cashed in on the free meal that Taylor owed me and let him order lots of food.  At the counter he got: two sides of mac and cheese, 1/2 pound of chicken wings, and 1 pound of chicken tenders.  I contributed with some cans of coke from my office.

3:00pm.  We drove back to school and sat in the vacant atrium of his building.  We ate like pigs.  I’m not sure because of the hunger but the chicken tenders were the most delicious I had ever eaten.  Only about 1 or 2 chicken strips were left and the rest, demolished.

4:00pm.  Fin.

By the way, here is the map of us driving around town.

View Epic Lunch in a larger map

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